Aromatic steamed fish

Fish on plate with herbs, ginger and soy sauceI don’t steam fish often but since I made this, I’m keen to do it more. The fish came out succulent and fragrant due to the herbs used in the steaming process and the herbs and sauce on top really made it special.

I followed a recipe more closely than is typical for me – namely, the Chinese steamed fish recipe from Steamy Kitchen, a fabulous blog. I will therefore send you there for the full instructions. I do, however, have a few notes I’ll share with you here.

  • Raw fish and herbsSomewhat to my surprise, my kids (one and a half and four) loved this fish. They didn’t eat much of the herbs or ginger but they did love the aromatic sauce and even though they normally like fish well enough, I think they especially appreciated the extra tenderness the steaming produced.
  • The Steamy Kitchen recipe is already pretty low-FODMAP, but if gut issues are a problem for you, be sure to use only the green part of the scallions, as the white part is high in fructans, just like regular onions.
  • If you need this dish to be gluten-free, use gluten-free soy sauce/tamari.
  • I used a whole sea bass for my fish and it turned out to be a great choice.
  • I used sesame oil rather than regular cooking oil to briefly fry the scallions and ginger as the finishing touch. I think this made a huge difference in the depth of flavour of the aromatic sauce.
  • Sake makes a suitable substitute for Shaoxing wine.

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